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Bird Tracks phonics game
  Spelling English words can be so confusing! For example, since -ir-, -er-, and -ur- all make the same sound, Read more.
Numbers to 100 Worksheets
  This little worksheet packet is 12 pages (no answer keys because it is sooooo simple!) — each one featuring Read more.
Chemical Elements Worksheets
Here are a dozen pages — 6 worksheets with their answer keys — that will serve as a welcome supplement Read more.
Circus Order Games & Worksheets
If you are teaching numbers to one hundred this year, you will LOVE this coordinating set of two printable products Read more.
Cells Worksheets
  This 12-page worksheet packet covers cells, mitosis, and other related cytology topics. There are six worksheets appropriate for middle Read more.
Alphabet Activity Pages
  These 26 colorful pages are PACKED with activities to learn letter recognition, letter sounds, upper and lower case matching, Read more.
French Animal Friends Cards
This set of 40 large printable cards is perfect for small hands! Each quarter-page sized card features a fun animal Read more.
Compound Words
  Put small words together to make big words! Includes 54 colorful cards, each with a picture and a word, Read more.
ABC Me! alphabetizing activity
  Have fun putting these lists of 5 to 10 words in alphabetical order! Each list features a different theme Read more.
Ancient Egypt Handwriting Packet
  This unique set of landscape-oriented pages includes: — 1 page of trace the lines from ancient Egypt style animal Read more.